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Sustained 365

Our work

Our core work is environmental education, the conservation of forests in strategically targeted regions of high biodiversity and the reforestation of degraded lands, both terrestrial and marine. 

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Our purpose

  • Protect high value forests and reforest degraded lands in strategically targeted regions

  • Conserve endangered species 

  • Implement environmental education programs

  • Facilitate grassroots livelihood programs

  • Increase the sustainability of agriculture and industry across the broader landscape

Our vision for our programs

  • Align with the needs of government 

  • Driven by community 

  • Conserve regions of high conservation value 

  • Promote the sustainable use of resources

Our committment

  • Maximise revenue for State

  • 100% transparency, accountability and visibility 

  • Alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Industry best practice principles applied